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I know that this site supports emojis/emoticons (what ever you call them?), but the Nikola documentation doesn't really make it clear all the possible emojis that you can use, so I did some investigation (it was there somewhere on Github, but hidden away). You write the emojis using these shortcodes:

😢 🚫 😵

 {{% emoji crying_face %}}   {{% emoji no_entry_sign %}}     {{% emoji dizzy_face %}} {{% emoji eight_pointed_black_star %}} 

It turns out that a lot of different possibilites are supported and here's a list of some of the different codes. Note that in the examples above you need to take out the colons.

The next problem I had is that these codes didn't seem to work with single word emojis like this:

 {{% emoji smile %}}{{% emoji wink %}} 

I'm not sure if it is a bug or I just haven't worked out the correct syntax? So then I tried just copying and pasting the emojis themselves into my text editor and it turns out that also works 😊 😉.

It's also worth bearing in mind that Nikola isn't a big fan of repeated emojis ☹️ ☹️ and you might get an emoji 🦃 warning.

Now you can add emojis to all your Nikola posts. 👍


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